Ricotta and honey ice-cream

ricotta ice-cream with sliced orangesI nearly didn’t notice this recipe in the Guardian Cook section – it was in a feature by the Kitchen Cooperative on pineapple, which we don’t often buy. However, this very simple, no churn ice-cream is delicious with other fruit (or, indeed, on its own, scooped Nigella-style direct from the container, if you’re as fond of the taste of ricotta as I am!).

175g ricotta
250ml double cream
100ml floral honey

Put the ricotta, honey and 50ml of cream in one bowl and whisk the rest of the cream to soft peaks in another bowl. Beat the ricotta mixture together until really smooth then fold into the whipped cream.

Turn into a freezer container or loaf tin lined with cling film – the original recipe adds lime zest at this point and I did think about grating over orange zest but decided to leave it plain – and fold the cling film over the top. Put in the freezer for at least four hours (I made a small batch and it was at perfect soft-scoop consistency after 2.5 hours).

There, I told you it was easy!

Really good with sliced oranges (as above), and I think it will be superb with Lindsay Bareham’s Apricots with orange and vanilla.


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